Kids and Built Environment

This is an eight-week summer programme for children between the ages of 4 and 14 living in slum communities and construction camps in Bangkok.

This would be done in the communities themselves with volunteer students in architecture and engineering programmes in local universities. Like previous summer courses, this programme would provide children some basic tools for understanding their environment and changing it.

It is intended that this programme would be funded by the Kids and the Built Environment 1 programme.

No Frame

"The majority of today's refugees have lived in exile for far too long, restricted to camps or eking out a meagre existence in urban centres throughout the developing world," - UNHCR

As with the Cambodia refugees who were living in the Thai border areas for a generation, the Burmese refugees have been living in camps for a generation and as with the Cambodian refugees, eventually the Burmese will be able to safely return. When they do, it is important that they are prepared to rebuild.

This pilot project is intended to provide long-term refugees with a set of basic skills in a rights-based approach to planning and architecture which would enable returning refugees to have some of the tools required to rebuild their country themselves.

Built Environment Education for Refugees